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Francisco Suarez

Teacher Specialist - Ed. Media / Librarian

Today we will Learn About

Explore 21st-century resources for creating instructional content. In this session, we’ll explore tools and techniques that streamline content creation, saving educators valuable time while enhancing the learning experience. Discover how to leverage technology's transformative power to craft engaging and effective educational materials.


  1. Ice Breaker - Life Hacks
  2. Google Slides / Presentation
  3. Prompt Engineering / Research
  4. Writing / Recording
  5. Images
  6. Technology
  7. SORA


Contact Information



Phone: (909) 397-4400 ext. 30160


Life Hacks

What Life Hacks can you share with the group?

(Ice-Breaker was inspired by a teacher who always shares a life hack with me)

Examples: Car Rental, Travel Arrangements, Gophers, Gym Memberships, etc.


Life Hacks can really support our social-emotion health because it's one less thing you have to worry about.

Google Slides / Presentations


Overview: "Are you tired of spending hours creating presentations? Introducing, the ultimate time-saving tool for creating professional and engaging presentations. With just a few clicks, you can transform any piece of text into visually appealing slides that are perfect for any occasion."


  • Getting started with is simple:
    ➤ Install the app from the Google Workspace™ by clicking the "Install" button.
    ➤ Enter your text and select your desired presentation type or keep the default "General" type.
    ➤ Choose existing color presets or customize it with your own colors.
    ➤ Export your presentation and you're ready to go!
    ➤ Don't waste any more time on tedious slide creation. Try today and take your presentations to the next level!"

MagicSlides App

Overview: "Are you bogged down by time-consuming presentation crafting? Welcome to MagicSlides App, your ideal companion for producing polished, interactive presentations swiftly. A simple click turns any chunk of text into striking slides apt for all settings."

  • Get Started with MagicSlides App is simple
    ➤ Install MagicSlides App from the Google Workspace™ by clicking the "Install" button.
    ➤ Create a new slide at and launch MagicSlides from the Add-ons menu.
    ➤  Enter your presentation topic, slide count, and any reference text you'd like to include.
    ➤ Click 'Generate' and watch the magic happen as AI creates your slides in a matter of seconds.
    ➤ Export your presentation and you're ready to go!

Plus AI for Google Slides

Overview: "Plus AI for Google Slides is the best AI slides tool to create and edit presentations, directly in Google Slides. With Plus AI, you can use the same AI technology that powers tools like ChatGPT to make beautiful presentations for work and school. Stop wasting time creating slides from scratch, and let AI do the boring work for you!"

  • How to get started with Plus AI for free
    • Install Plus AI from the Google Workspace Marketplace by clicking “Install.”
    • Open any Google Slides presentation.
    • Click Extensions -> Plus AI for Google Slides™ -> New presentation with Plus AI.
    • Enter a prompt or select a preset to create a new presentation.

Prompt Engineering / Research


Crossref makes research objects easy to find, cite, link, assess, and reuse. We’re a not-for-profit membership organization that exists to make scholarly communications better.



ProQuest is a collection of databases that provide access to thousands of journals, magazines, newspapers, dissertations, and other publications. ProQuest's content includes:
  • Scholarly journals
  • Books
  • Videos and audio
  • Dissertations and theses
  • Newspapers
  • Historical newspapers
  • Trade journals
  • Reports
  • Blogs, podcasts, and websites



Fine me 10 articles that support "Time saved relives stress". Results should be in table format and include, title, author, two sentence summary, and Doi number.



Prompt You can Front-load information:

Information: 1. Apples are $1. 2. Oranges are $2. Carrots are $4.

You are a reference librarian and all results are in table format. All responses must be articles that are found on and include title, authors, doi number, and two-sentence summary.

What are 10 sources as to why homework is not good in school?


The AI Research Assistant

Elicit uses language models to help you automate research workflows, like parts of literature review.

Elicit can find relevant papers without perfect keyword match, summarize takeaways from the paper specific to your question, and extract key information from the papers.

While answering questions with research is the main focus of Elicit, there are also other research tasks that help with brainstorming, summarization, and text classification.

Writing / Recording


Research and write your next paper with JenniAI


Parrot AI is an AI knowledge space for teams. We record and transcribe meetings, transforming them into knowledge that can be applied across your business.

Can be used in debate class, club meetings, drama class, public speaking, AVID presentations, etc.



Canva Image Generator

You can also import your Google Slides and add animation.





Forward specific emails to specific folders.

First we need to create new folders.

Next we go to, Settings > Options > Mail > Inbox and sweep rules


I've created one called Twitter. Let me show you the rules.


Create a PST Folder

Can only be used on the Outlook windows application.

File that stores/archive emails and attachments.

E-mails can only be viewed where PST file is located.


Windows Emoji

Build in Windows Emojis

Did you know that your Windows computer has built in emojis that can be used anywhere.

Can be added to Google Classroom name, etc.


Chapter Chasers Book Club
Snipping Tool

Windows Snipping Tool

Pin to Taskbar

Pin to Start Menu


Snap Windows Left and Right

Windows + Left

Windows + Right

Other Fun Ones

Windows + P to open Projecting

Windows + K to open Cast

Windows + E to open File Explorer

Windows + V to open Clipboard

Windows + M - minimise all windows