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Role of Teacher-Librarian

Roles of Teacher Librarian


Social-emotional brain breaks are the best

Student and teacher-librarian relationships are the best!

Career Exploration

6th grade students and 1st grade students teach

Teaching Engineering

Teacher-librarian teaching engineering through hands on project

Information Specialist

Developing Informational Literacy Skills

Student is learning how to logon to his computer using a scaffold of password support card.

Writing Key Vocabulary Words

Students are using chalk to write key vocabulary words.

Retelling Story on ViewSonic Interactive Displayboard

Student is retelling a story using district approved Interactive Displayboard

Technology Leader

Robotics Programming

All of the modules and layouts included with the Page Builder are fully responsive and look gorgeous on phones and tablets.

Adobe Spark - Web 3.0 Application

Teacher-librarian teaching Adobe Spark as a district-wide professional development session

Parent Technology Workshop

Teacher-librarian presenting at the Parent Technology Workshop

Library Program Administrator

PUSD Robotics Program

Teacher-librarian administering and showcasing makerspace at LA County Fair exhibit

Broadcast Program

Teacher-librarian overseeing site Broadcast Program

Covid-19 Textbook Collection

Library Program Administration is a hands-on job