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Reduce Research Anxiety

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Today we will Learn About

1. Creating a welcoming environment

2. Define "research anxiety"

3. Importance and significance of research

4. Google Search Operators

5. Available PUSD academic research tools

- ProQuest

- SORA OverDrive



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Creating a welcoming Environment

GHS Information Resource Center / Library

The GHS library strives to:

  • Provide 21 century resources to students, teachers, parents, and the community.
  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment that fosters creativity and promotes learning


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  • Empowering students to develop digital and information literacy
  • Modeling and teaching digital citizenship and the ethical use of technology and information
  • Provide academic tools and resources to foster an ongoing 21st century college, career, and life readiness.


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What is research anxiety?

Research anxiety is defined as feelings of fear and uncertainty associated with authentic academic or scientific research and production.

anxiety 3


"Research anxiety can affect the quality and quantity of scientific production, influence researcher job satisfaction, personal life and physical or emotional health, contribute to burnout, and may cause high levels of anxiety and long-term physical, physiological and behavioral problems"

Examples: Writing academic research papers, researching how to purchase a home, finding an apartment, comparing vehicle purchase options, finding a doctor,  apply for colleges,  etc.

"Research is not a mechanical process that simply involves reaching the desired result using specific instructions.


Research is instead a complicated process that is heavily influenced by mental and emotional challenges, and most personal factors influencing research are related to the researcher while social and cultural factors can also affect the research process.

Importance and significance of research

Research is a critical part of everyday life. Every decision we make in life, whether it be small or great, involves some form of research.

research is everywhere

Example: considering what to wear today or deciding which interest rate would best serve us over time.

It is essential that there is a clear understanding that research is conducted for benefits such as becoming life-long problem solvers.

Information Literacy Models

Information literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, organize, use, and communicate information in various formats.


The Big6 is a process model of how people of all ages solve an information problem. From practice and study, we found that successful information problem-solving encompasses six stages with two sub-stages under each...

1. Task Definition

1.1 Define the information problem

1.2 Identify information needed

2. Information Seeking Strategies

2.1 Determine all possible sources

2.2 Select the best sources

3. Location and Access

3.1 Locate sources (intellectually and physically)

3.2 Find information within sources

4. Use of Information

4.1 Engage (e.g., read, hear, view, touch)

4.2 Extract relevant information

5. Synthesis

5.1 Organize from multiple sources

5.2 Present the information

6. Evaluation

6.1 Judge the product (effectiveness)

6.2 Judge the process (efficiency)

Google Search Operators

First of all …..

“Search engines are no longer adequate enough to give online searchers that advanced edge to get their desired result.”

"The more exactly you define your search, the more quickly you will receive clear search results." By using these search operators and refining your inquiry with a number of search terms as well, the chances of finding a 100% hit during the online search will increase.”

Google Search Operators

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apps and resources
Our Proquest databases


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"Get the Easiest and most Desirable Search Results with the most Advanced Search Operators Ever." M2 Presswire, Oct 10, 2018. ProQuest,